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The poetry collection compiled by Norwid

This is one of the most important collections of Norwid's poetry. Written between 1858-1865, it was published after his death in its entirety in 1947.

Vade-mecum contains a collection of numbered poems some in various levels of completion.

The writings on the following pages are based on the versions available in:

Cyprian Norwid - Pisma Wszystkie - Edited by Juliusz W. Gomulicki - Państwowy Instytut Wydawniczy MCMLXXIopen_in_new

Vade-mecum Poems I - XXVII

Vade-mecum Poems XXVIII - LVII

Vade-mecum Poems LVIII - LXXXIX

Vade-mecum Poems XC - C

Vade-mecum manuscript.
The hand-written version of Norwid's Vade-mecum can be viewed online open_in_new.

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