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Go with Me

This site is a journey through the life and work of Cyprian Norwid.

The writings are in their original Polish language.

I direct anyone interested in Norwid to the Complete Works of Cyprian Norwid - (Juliusz Wiktor Gomulicki) open_in_new which contains more writing than will ever be made available on this site and which has been used as reference for much of the content on this site.

If you wish to read translations of this content in English, a list of resources is available.

Norwid has provided many lifetimes worth of work for anyone who wishes to explore.

There are many sites devoted to the work of Cyprian Norwid. This is one more.

I do not presume it will be one too many.

This circular site is created by someone tall called Osuch who has a well-worn heritage; a loose grasp of the Polish language and a strong interest in the enigmatic work of Cyprian Norwid and is not a recognised scholar.

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